Frozen Molluscs

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Our integrated operation enables us to provide the best comprehensive seafood products and services to our customers around the globe. By combining the tremendous accumulated expertise and decades of experience, Eva Andoh Seafoods is committed to expanding the company’s businesses and thereby our stand in the international market would grow to reach greater heights. We supply Molluscs live, fresh, chilled, frozen, dried, salted or in brine

Frozen Squid (Loligo spp.)

  • Whole Round : u/3 & 60/80 pcs/kg
  • Whole Cleaned : u/5 to 81/up pcs/kg
  • Tubes & Tentacles : 3/5” to 8/12”
  • Tubes : 10/20 to 81/up pcs/kg
  • Rings (Blanched or Raw) : Cut from Tubes size 3-5”
  • Tentacles (Blanched of Raw) : 21/40 to 61/up pcs/kg

Japnanese Flying Squid (Todarodes Pacificus)

  • Whole Cleaned
  • Rings
  • Tubes
  • Tubes & Tentacles (T & T)
  • Steak
  • Roll

Whole Clean Cuttlefish (Sepia spp.)

  • Whole Round : u/1 to u/12 pcs/kg
  • Whole Clean Cuttlefish : u/1 to 61/up pcs/kg
  • Fillets : 2/4 to 81/up pcs/kg
  • Fillets Matsukasa (Blanched or Raw) : 2/4 to 81/up pcs/kg

Giant Octopus (Octopus Vulgaris)

Whole Eviscerated (Ball or Pin-Wheel packed) : 1/2 to 8/up lbs/pc


  • Whole Cleaned : 5/15 to 81/up pcs/kg
  • Inkless & Gutted : 5/15 to 81/up pcs/kg


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